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Photos by Jack Wagoner and Don O'Neal

Albertson, Megan

Aschenbrenner, Bev

Aston, Jody and Candy

Aycock, Robert and Janice

Aycock, Robert and Janice

Backus, Dr. Reno

Baird, Mary and Becky

Barlow, Robert and Melissa

Beck, Lloyd and Dorothy

Beck, Lloyd and Dorothy

Bible Believers' Fellowship

Bible School, FUMC, Farmersville

Bingamon, Nancy

Binns, Gary 

Binns, Gary 

Botnan, William

Brandon, Leon and Judy

Bremer, Clarine

Burgess, Paige and Tracy

Campbell, David and Marilyn

Caras, Bob and Elizabeth

Caras, Jim and Judy in honor of Jesus Christ

Carley, Don and Kathy

Clark, Dr. Robert

Clements, Sheli

Cochrum, Dr. Jan and Billie

Collins, Bob and Claude Ann

Collins, Bo, Kathy, & Trey

Collins, Bo, Kathy, & Trey

Collins, Bo, Kathy, & Trey

Cragle, Steve and Beth

Dickson, Jack and Carolyn

DiPietro, Della

DiPietro, Frankie

Elliott, Ron and Carolyn

Erickson, Mary Ellen

Filley, Tony

Filley, Tony

First Baptist Farmersville, BALL Club

Galbraith, Dr. Richard

Gamble, Debbie and Larry

Ganson Street Baptist Church, Fellowship Class

Goldstein, Dr. Mike and Billie, in memory of Jim James

Gray, Randy and Janice

Greenville Christian School

Grobe, Mel and Shirley

Hager, Ferg and Colleen

Harlan, Samantha

Harry, Willena and Walter

Hastings, Don and Mary Lou and
Antoinette Kudrenecky and John Jarecki

Henry, Mike and Barbara

Holloway, Al and Judy

James, Peggy,  in Memory of JIM JAMES

Jones, Dave, Suzette, and Leigh

Kingsley, Lois

Leder, Sharon

Lee, Kami

Lefor, Maarten

Lesniewski, Judy

Lewis, Robert E.

Linder, Steve and Cathy

McConnell, Bill and Helen

McCrary, Mary

Metcalf, Norman and Lois

Miles, Geraldine

Miller, Ralph

Miller, Sherry

Mills, Garrett and Leslie

Mills, Sharon and Don

Mission Comm., 1st United Methodist, Farmersville

Mizpah Class, 1st United Methodist, Farmersville

Nason, Irving and Doris

Norris, Tiffany

Noyes, Bob and Kim

O'Neal, Dick and Dolores

O'Neal, Dick and Dolores

O'Neal, Don

O'Neal, Lois

Parker, Diane

Pineda, Cathy and Steve

Porterville Rotary Club

Porterville Rotary Club

Reavis, Hooker and LoEtta

Reichenberger, Sid and Donna

Reycraft, Joseph

Rhodes, Michael and Frances

Russell, Ardelle

Sack, Mary

Saenz, Rodolfo

Schultz, Dr. Paul and Meredith

Schulz, Mark and Nadine

Seward, Loydell

Sherwood, John and Diana

Shoemake, Wanda

Speir, Steve, Linda, Scott, and Stephanie

Spurgers, Steven and Julie and family

Terpstra, Denny and Linda

Watts, David

Wesley United Methodist Church

Works, Shelly

Young, Dianne